Nithya Raman

Nithya Raman is an urban planner, community advocate, and mother of two.

Prior to life in Los Angeles, Nithya started Transparent Chennai in India. The organization worked with residents of slums to create data that strengthened their advocacy for resources like running water and basic sanitation.

In 2014, she worked for the City Administrative Officer of Los Angeles. In her time there, Nithya wrote a report detailing how the city was spending over $100 million on homelessness, the majority of which was spent on jailing our unhoused neighbors, rather than helping them into stable, permanent homes with access to services.

In response to a growing population of people experiencing homelessness in her own community, Nithya and a group of neighbors started SELAH Neighborhood Homeless Coalition in 2017. SELAH has organized regular outreach programs, and brought regular hot meals and showers to a region of the city severely lacking in such resources. The coalition has enabled hundreds of volunteers to get involved and educated about the growing homelessness crisis. Nithya also continues to serve as Co-Chair of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council’s Homelessness Committee, a position she has held since early 2017.

Nithya Raman

This past year, Nithya served as executive director of Time’s Up Entertainment, the women’s rights movement furthering equity and safety for women in the entertainment industry. Under Nithya’s leadership, the team launched a critics database, a mentorship program for the executive and producer pipeline, Know your Rights resources related to sexual misconduct in the workplace, and created regular opportunities to strengthen community building.

Nithya holds a Masters degree in urban planning from MIT and an undergraduate degree from Harvard. She lives in Silver Lake with her husband and twin preschoolers.