The future of Los Angeles will be decided in the next half decade.

Our affordable housing crisis, swelling over many years, has led to the exodus of lower income people from the city. Now it has also led to a homelessness crisis that is growing precipitously every year. The climate emergency is already real here, with day after day of dangerously low air quality and extreme heat.

Yet, in response to these crises, our current elected officials are failing our city. They have responded by doubling down on what they have been doing, which so clearly has not worked.

This campaign comes from a place of hope: we have an opportunity now to capture the energy of Angelenos who are frustrated with our national inaction on the things that matter to us. We want to use this campaign to turn our collective energies and power to keeping this incredible city vibrant, just, welcoming for all. No matter your race, gender, immigration status, or sexuality, we want you to help us build an inclusive Los Angeles that’s livable for decades to come.

We will continue to deepen and broaden this platform in the days to come, including through open events where we will learn together about the issues that matter most to the future of LA. Join our mailing list to stay informed and get engaged.

We Can End Homelessness

Last year, homelessness increased by 16% in Los Angeles, and in Council District 4 it went up by a staggering 53%. This is also a crisis that disproportionately impacts black residents: 40% of the homeless population is black, while only 9% of the overall population identifies as black. Homelessness is the most urgent moral emergency facing our city. We can combat this humanitarian disaster, but it will take real focus, flexibility, and innovation. We need a combination of robust affordable and supportive housing development, assertive rent stabilization and eviction prevention measures, and increased services that are easy to access — not more sweeps. We also need to learn from other cities that are responding innovatively to similar problems: for example, like Austin and Berlin, we can create a Public Option for Housing by purchasing decrepit, eyesore buildings, and transforming them into affordable, nonprofit-managed housing to improve our communities. Together, we can ensure that all our neighbors have the same basic dignity every Angeleno deserves.

We Can Prevent Climate Crisis

The City of LA has set a goal to reach carbon neutrality by 2045 — but we don’t have that kind of time. We need to reach that goal by 2030, as the International Panel on Climate Change report warned. Energy analysts and experts have told us that it’s possible here in LA. But it will take significant political will, and widespread buy-in from residents. That public support is what this campaign is committed to building.

I also believe in a Green New Deal that emphasizes the “New Deal.” We must protect our city's future while putting the working people of Los Angeles at the center of our struggle: we must promote dignified wages, stand beside our union siblings, and co-create our future with workers, utilities, local, state and federal governments to ensure that coming generations inherit a healthy city, fair to all. Together, we can do this. But more importantly, we must do this.

We Can Make City Hall Work For Us

Between the influence peddling, murky fundraising, and multiple FBI raids in the last year, City Hall has become synonymous with corruption. I won’t be a part of it. I pledge not to accept a dollar from developers, lobbyists, or fossil fuel companies. I also will fight against the City Council’s culture of backroom negotiating — right now, the Council votes unanimously about 97% of the time, and rarely ever debates in public. I promise to bring the people of Los Angeles into the lawmaking process, so they can hold me accountable and be sure I’m working for them. We deserve a more thoughtful, nuanced council that grapples in public with the enormity of the challenges ahead, and that leads with its values.